Waiting For The Sun [SACD]

Waiting For The Sun, The Doors' third album and its first chart-topper, delivered the No. 1 signature smash ''Hello, I Love You'' and the Top 40 hit ''The Unknown Soldier''. Waiting For The Sun also featured some of The Doors's most combative, political work. ''The Unknown Soldier'' was a barefaced antiwar attack, a reaction to the Vietnam-era hostilities brewing on the home front. This classic album is reissued here on Hybrid Multichannel SACD, as part of Analogue Productions' six album series. The surround sound program on these Doors SACDs comes from the original 96K, 24-bit files mixed and mastered by Bruce Botnick for the DVD Audio Doors/Perception release. Those mixes were made from the original one-inch, eight track, 15 i.p.s. analog master tapes. For the SACDs, the mixes were then up-sampled without filters to DSD using the Weiss Saracon format converter and authored by Gus Skinas at the Super Audio Center.


  1. Hello, I Love You
  2. Love Street
  3. Not To Touch The Earth
  4. Summer's Almost Gone
  5. Wintertime Love
  6. The Unknown Soldier
  7. Spanish Caravan
  8. My Wild Love
  9. We Could Be So Good Together
  10. Yes, The River Knows
  11. Five To One