Paris Blues [Blue Vinyl]

PARIS BLUES is available as a limited edition of 17,000 numbered copies on translucent blue vinyl.  The LP’s cover art is an original painting by guitarist Robby Krieger and the set also includes liner notes by blues scholar Mary Katherine Aldin. 

“The blues is about the only original art form that America has created in 200 years . . . there are only two indigenous musical forms native to the United States, and one is the blues.” —Jim Morrison, introducing “Little Red Rooster,” Vancouver, June 6, 1970

LP Track Listing

Side A
“Paris Blues” *
“I Will Never Be Untrue” *
“Me And The Devil Blues” *
“(You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further”
“I’m Your Doctor”

Side B
Jim’s Introduction
“Little Red Rooster” – with Albert King
“Rock Me Baby” – with Albert King
“Who Do You Love?” with Albert King

* previously unreleased