Art Prints

Butterfly Lady Lithograph (Limited Edition)

This is one of Victor Moscoso’s most popular and iconic Family Dog poster.  The Poster was created to advertise the Family Dog Dance Concert of The Doors show at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco, CA on May 12 & 13, 1967.  All prints were approved by Moscoso and the plates used to create these were destroyed after the edition was printed.  Moscoso personally numbered and signed all the prints in the edition.

  • Size: Height 40" x Width 32"
  • Limited to 500 signed and numbered prints
  • Printed on Lenox 100% rag paper, neutral pH with four trimmed edges.
  • Signed by Victor Moscoso
  • Moscoso supervised the re-creation of the image. Digital separations were re-mastered from the original Family Dog poster and original art. The edition was printed on a 6-color Mitsubishi 37” x 57” offset lithography press in San Francisco.